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This is old version of MitoMiner that is no longer updated. The new version (v4.0) can be found at http://mitominer.mrc-mbu.cam.ac.uk/. Please update your bookmarks.

Welcome to MitoMiner, an integrated web resource of mitochondrial proteomics for a wide range of organisms

If you are short of time, just navigate through our set of Feature Hints. For a more detailed description on how to use the site and its features try the Tutorials




Enter a UniProt, KEGG, Enzyme Commission (EC), OMIM or other identifier [eg. P56480, R01900,, #125853].
Alternatively, search for a protein name, disease, or other keyword [eg. ATP synthase subunit gamma, Diabetes]

Upload and analyse lists of data

widget charts Explore and Analyse your own data. Upload your own list of identifiers or use our public mitochondrial proteome lists. These can then can analysed with our widgets and used in the template searches below.

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Use template searches

Get started with powerful searches using our predefined Templates. These customizable templates have been designed around common tasks performed by our biologist community.

Use a mitochondrial proteome list

MitoMiner contains different reference sets of mitochondrial proteins that have been determined in different ways.

You can view and download these lists using the links below or use them directly in the template searches above. Read more

  • IMPI - version Q2 2015 - Integrated Mitochondrial Protein Index (Human Mouse Rat and Cow)
    (19747 Proteins)

    The IMPI reference set was developed by using machine learning techniques to combine the mass-spectrometry, GFP tagging data, mitochondrial targeting sequence predictions and antibody localisation staining held in MitoMiner with co-expression and yeast respiratory phenotype data to find proteins that have similar evidence and properties to characterised mitochondrial proteins. This is supplemented with GO annotation of 'mitochondrial part’ to make the list fully comprehensive.

  • MitoCarta Inventory (Human and Mouse Only)
    (2627 Proteins)

    This is a list of Human and Mouse mitochondrial proteins as defined by the MitoCarta Inventory of Mammalian Mitochondrial Genes (PubMed:18614015).

  • More lists

    Perl, Python, Ruby & Java API

    perl java python ruby

    You can fetch data directly from MitoMiner for your own programs via our Application Programming Interface (API) too! We provide client libraries in the following languages: