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A database of mammalian mitochondrial localisation evidence, phenotypes and diseases

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Protein MTS

Proteins and mitochondrial targeting sequence predictions
Current data
We include extensive protein information and sequences from UniProt for all the organisms in MitoMiner:

  • Homo sapiens (taxon 9606)
  • Mus musculus (taxon 10090)
  • Rattus norvegicus (taxon 10116)
  • Danio rerio (taxon 7955)
  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain ATCC 204508/S288c (taxon 559292)
  • Schizosaccharomyces pombe strain 972H (taxon 284812)

For each protein record in UniProt for each species the following information is extracted and loaded into MitoMiner:
  • UniProt accession number
  • UniProt name
  • Protein name
  • Length and molecular weight
  • Sequence
  • Features
  • Associated UniProt keywords
  • Publications
  • Gene symbol
  • Gene Identifier (MGI, SGD etc.)
  • NCBI Gene numbers
  • Ensembl identifiers

For every sequence loaded we calculate the mitochondrial targeting sequence prediction scores from:
We also include cleavage site predictions where available.

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