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Welcome to MitoMiner!

MitoMiner is an integrated data warehouse of mammalian localisation evidence, phenotypes and diseases. This data has been integrated to allow the creation of sophisticated data mining queries spanning many different sources.


MitoMiner can help you determine:

  • Whether your gene is mitochondrial
  • The function of your gene
  • The homologs of your gene in other species
  • The tissue specific expression of your gene
  • How your gene is involved in cellular metabolism
  • Whether your gene is associated with a human disease
  • The phenotype of your gene in model organisms


MitoMiner currently contains the following data:


This data has been integrated with 56 large-scale localisation datasets from mass-spectrometry and GFP tagging studies for:

  • Homo sapiens (taxon 9606) - 22 studies
  • Mus musculus (taxon 10090) - 13 studies
  • Rattus norvegicus (taxon 10116) - 10 studies
  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae (taxon 559292) - 13 studies
  • Schizosaccharomyces pombe (taxon 284812) - 1 study


We also include mitochondrial targeting sequence predictions for every protein sequence from:


MitoMiner is hosted and maintained by the Bioinformatics group at the MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit. It is built using InterMine, a general purpose open-source data warehouse system.


For a brief description of the features of MitoMiner please read the feature summary page. For instructions on how to use MitoMiner please see the tutorials.